Hehehe (sorry (I'm not really sorry) if that sounded creepy in your mind) hello there! If you are reading this, then you have no life just like me! *high five* I'm Julia and I'm not as girly as my name is. Here you will find happiness in the form of cute/hot (there's a big difference!) celebrities, bands, shows, movies and random madness that will make you laugh your ass off (if you have the same twisted sense of humor I have). See ya and if you need something *cough* a person to hardcore fangirl with you *cough* there's an ask button somewhere down there (hehe)... Dayumm this is long I'm so sorry for boring you
bloodydetonator —> benedictsolo —> notgerard —> torrilla —> paralovemore —> jaredpodalecki —> johto-jordan —> floatinginaseaofsilence —> ewbuckybarnes —> baskarths —>
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